Don't Worry About The Witness

Some gamers who loved Jonathan Blow's Braid were perplexed when early footage of his team's next game, The Witness, debuted on Kotaku last month. To those alarmed or confused, Blow offers some encouraging words.

"The only two guys who have played The Witness to completion have said it will be better than Braid when it is done," he writes after addressing the puzzled reaction to the puzzles glimpsed in his game. "I am certainly not going to jump up and down and say "hey this game is better than Braid", or even claim that Braid is good. But I just want to put that out there as reassurance to those of you who are worried about that gameplay video."

The Kotaku gameplay video showed a player moving through a beautifully lit and apparently uninhabited island that is full of puzzles, many of them blue squares through which the player has to trace patterns. It seemed simple. It seemed Myst-y. It seemed like something that wasn't as obviously wonderful and innovative as many of our memories of Blow and team's previous game, the time-warping Braid.

In a post about The Witness at the game's development blog, Blow hints at the gameplay significance of some of the early blue puzzles in the clip that ran here. I encourage you to read his full post. It won't take long and should put the early gameplay we've seen in better context.

The Witness has no scheduled release date or platforms.

About the Blue Mazes [The Witness blog]


    I have faith that this game will blow Braid out of the water and be one of the greatest indie's EVER!

    I'm just sayin' Jon Blow has the talent.

    Braid was the single most pretentious wankery game I've ever played. So yeah I'll pass on this

      That's what everyone who found it too hard says.

    The video makes me think of the compound in Tv's Lost. I wonder if there is some kind of mystery going on, I'd almost have to assume there is some element like this to the game. :) Looks interesting to say the least, and beautiful graphical effects/art style.

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