Dragon Age DLC Gets All Wrapped Up In The Ultimate Edition

BioWare makes fans feel funny about every dollar they spent on downloadable content with the Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition, which bundles everything Dragon Age together for one low price.

How much have you spent on Dragon Age: Origins and its downloadable content? BioWare says the whole shebang, including Awakenings, is worth $US114. Players who held out on purchasing the game and its downloadable content are in for a real treat next month, when that $US114 becomes $US59.99 in the Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition for the PlayStation 3, PC, and Xbox 360.

It's enough to make one want to wait and see if they do this for Dragon Age 2 before investing one's money, isn't it? No, of course it isn't, and we'll be kicking ourselves this time next year as well. We're not a very patient group.

The Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition will be released on October 26.


    Brilliant was waiting for this.

    might have to pick this up for PC :D

    Well to be honest I have it on PC and I WAS tossing up wether to get it on Console as I dont think my pc will run DAO2... it only ran DA1 at a decent rate... so I may end up getting this... :\

    Woot. Will pick this up.

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