Dragon Age II Has A Noteworthy Belt

A trailer for a belt? Sounds ridiculous, but we can let it slide when it's a belt designed (and forged in comic strip form) by Penny Arcade.

We can also let it slide because, unlike everything else we've ever seen of Dragon Age II, it has a sense of humour about it, something the game has desperately needed between all the slow-motion killing and slow-motion posing and dramatic music.


    I hope this provides immunity to <44 stabs.

    The belt is free to anybody with an EA account:


    Great trailer, need some laughs in the midst of stony-faced dragon-killing and buckets of blood.

    belt of masculinity/femininity from baulder's gate... 2? i think? I thought it was pretty memorable anyway

    Sadly it's only for the PC, Mac and 360 versions. Not the PS3 :(

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