Dragon Age II Trailer Rises To Power

If Dragon Age II's last trailer was a little too pre-rendered for your tastes, you may enjoy this new one more, as it's naught but in-engine footage.

I get a really strange vibe from this game. Not in a bad way, just in a...you know when a movie sequel has a different director to the first, who takes it in such a different direction it becomes almost unrelated? That's what Dragon Age II feels like.


    Let's just hope it's an Empire Strikes Back or an ALIENS rather than a Predator 2....

    I concur with your comments Luke. Although I am findng myself becoming increasingly optimistic about it, especially to see the efforts put into the in game graphics this time around. And different directors can still do justice to a series - Ridley Scott and James Cameron both did a fantastic job on th Alien franchise, why can't it work here?

    BioWare have definitely taken a cue from the ME series, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. We will wait and see.

    DA:O 2, now with cover system, regenerative health, and unlockable hats.

    How exciting.

    Hmmmmm. It would be unfortunate if DA2 turned into Mass Effect 2 with swords instead of guns. Hard to judge from such a short video, though.

    Style wise, It's looking a lot better.

    The man-hands really scared me in the first one.

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