Dragon Ball, The Blue Jeans


    That certainly is cool but I just could never bring myself to wear blue jeans.

    You can find some really nice geeky/otaku clothing in Japan. Not just T-Shirts but good looking collared shirts & dress shirts with screen-printed designs.

    Check out Shibuya 109-2 (the mens version of the popular clothing department store in Shibuya).

    I spent way way waaaay too much time and money at UniQlo for the measly week and a half I was in Japan earlier this year. I don't regret any of it, this is probably the favourite piece from my haul.


    And I'm not even into anime, or really a lot of Japanese pop culture. But compared to the availability of geek clothes here, Japanese stuff always has a much more interesting design aesthetic. For example, I've never been into the Metal Gear series at all, but I thought some of those shirts UniQlo released to cross-market Peace Walker were awesome. Plus, an early 20s male going into a Jay Jay's because they're selling a marginally good looking Pac-Man hoodie is always gross considering the rest of the hideous, ratty, skankabelle teenager targeted clothing in there.

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