Dragon Ball, The Blue Jeans

There are Dragon Ball manga, Dragon Ball anime, Dragon Ball toys and Dragon Ball video games. How about jeans? Got them too.

Priced at ¥18,900 ($236), the jeans are made in Fukuyama City, Japan, and feature knowing nods to the Dragon Ball franchise. The jeans go on sale this December in Japan. Nothing quite says "kamehameha" like Dragon Ball denim. Nothing.

岡山のジーンズ工場で作られた本格派の"亀仙流"デニムが発売決定!! [moeyo.com]


    That certainly is cool but I just could never bring myself to wear blue jeans.

    You can find some really nice geeky/otaku clothing in Japan. Not just T-Shirts but good looking collared shirts & dress shirts with screen-printed designs.

    Check out Shibuya 109-2 (the mens version of the popular clothing department store in Shibuya).

    I spent way way waaaay too much time and money at UniQlo for the measly week and a half I was in Japan earlier this year. I don't regret any of it, this is probably the favourite piece from my haul.


    And I'm not even into anime, or really a lot of Japanese pop culture. But compared to the availability of geek clothes here, Japanese stuff always has a much more interesting design aesthetic. For example, I've never been into the Metal Gear series at all, but I thought some of those shirts UniQlo released to cross-market Peace Walker were awesome. Plus, an early 20s male going into a Jay Jay's because they're selling a marginally good looking Pac-Man hoodie is always gross considering the rest of the hideous, ratty, skankabelle teenager targeted clothing in there.

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