Duke Nukem Forever Walks A Fine Line — Of Decency

The studio in charge of Duke Nukem Forever asked that press not film a trailer featuring strippers,"the word f—-ing" in giant letters and an alien getting punched in the balls repeatedly, because it risks a harsh rating.

Randy Pitchford, chief of Gearbox Software, which is now handling the game, asked press at an event in London not to film the trailer because "we don't want our friends at Take-Two to be punished for our creativity," CVG reports. This comes at the same event where Pitchford said the game's co-creator, George Broussard, lost $US20 to $US30 million during the game's interminable development, begun in 1997.

The trailer, according to CVG, also featured "Duke being pleasured by two women at once."

PEGI and the ESRB are going to get a copy of the game for rating, one would assume, so this kind of feigned shock and eye-covering is likely just red meat thrown to the hardcore. Depending on how graphic that threesome was, I don't see how any of the details push this into AO territory, or its equivalent.

Duke Nukem Forever 'Dances On The Line Of Decency' [CVG]


    Just give it an "RC" now so we can have that bitch fest over and done with...

    then we can simply talk about the best place to import it from...

    and then we can all enjoy this crude game when it's delivered! :)

    If it's the same one from earlier in the year then it's not graphic at all. Couple of girls stand up from below the player characters view and one wipes her mouth.

    Dragon age was more graphic imo.

      "Couple of girls stand up from below the player characters view and one wipes her mouth."

      Easily RC there. If some people in the Government had their way that would be XXX rated and burnt at the stake along with all the other heinous acts against humanity.

        The act itself scene is completely implied. The two women are completely clothed and nothing untoward is visible in regards to either Duke or the two women. The act itself is also implied to be finished by the time the scene appears, as Duke is playing a version of his own game (which in turn is the first section of the game for the player) up until then. This isn't like the sex with hookers in GTAIV, which was certainly a lot more than implied.

        On top of that, the people on the Classifications Board are not to blame for the constraints of the law they have to work within. If a game has content that by law would place it within Refused Classification territory, it isn't up to a judgement call on their part. Sure, the system itself is flawed by not having an R18+ rating, but the Government doesn't have a say in the actual rating of a game, just as the people on the board can't just suddenly decide that we have an R18+ rating now.

      But in dragon age they wore underpants so it's OK.

      People are just trying to avoid the Mass Effect 1 fiasco all over again, which was stupid to begin with.

      Movies with graphic sex scenes are fine, but one, tastefull 10 second spot in a video game and all hell breaks loose.

      Granted... DNF is anything but 'tasteful'. If this doesn't get banned in Australia, i'll actually be very supprised

        Mass Effect 1 fiasco?? I came to ME late, so must have missed that. Surely they didn't get upset about the paramour element? pffff.... nothing to it. LSL1 was spicier, by comparison.

    The word 'F___ing' in giant letters? Is that better or worse than Fallout 3's use of the word 'Morphine'?

    This game HAS to be offensive. I'm talking family guy to the maximum level of offensiveness. Surely in 12+ years of development there was time to include plenty of sex, fart, midget, donkey jokes in there??

    I find it distasteful. But im not against it.

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