Duke Nukem Stripped From Upcoming Duke Nukem Games

Things are never easy when you're making a Duke Nukem game. The developers of Duke Nukem: Critical Mass are now dealing with the fallout of the bomb dropped by Gearbox earlier this year, finding themselves without their main character.

Frontline Studios were going to make a pair of Duke games for the PSP and Nintendo DS. Plans have changed. Duke Nukem has been yanked out of the game and replaced by "Cam Nash." What was once known as Duke Nukem: Critical Mass is now Extraction Point: Alien Shootout.

"Duke Nukem Critial [sic]Mass on DS and PSP consoles are not going to happen after all (feel free to ask why!)," the developer explains in its newsltter, spotted by Polygamia. "But fear not - we're still releasing the games. It's just now called 'EXTRACTION POINT: Alien Shootout'."

Looks like the former Duke game is also switching platforms. Extraction Point: Alien Shootout will be available for the PSP as a digital download on PlayStation Network later this year and on Nintendo's 3DSiWare store in 2011.

At least we have Duke Nukem Forever to look forward to.

Frontline Studios Q4 2010 Newsletter (PDF) [via Polygamia]


    It's been so long since we heard anything about these games that I (and I'm sure many others) just assumed they were dead. Considering Gearbox gave their blessings to a graphical update of Duke Nukem 3D recently, I can only assume they weren't willing to grant use of the character in this case because the games in question were looking rubbish. If so, I'm glad they aren't going to bring Duke any lower than the depths he's already reached in past games.

    It seems like this would've been a great excuse to launch a new IP, but the name "Extraction Point: Alien Shootout" does not instill confidence.

    I hope it's awesome, but that game title just sounds like something you'd find at the bottom of the bargain bin at the local EB.

    oh cmon i was actually looking forward to this

    Not to put down indie devs as they make some GREAT concept games. But. "EXTRACTION POINT: Alien Shootout" Sounds like just the sort of shit name a indie dev(who rightly so) has no idea about marketing. This is about as gerneric naming as you can get. So many people will pass over the PSP version and it's not exactly like the PSP can afford cra games!

    Correction 3DSware* not 3DSiware

    Crappy name, but I won't be getting it. I hadn't seen anything about these games from them, so the only appealing thing was Duke.

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