Eat Them Is Secretly A Great-Looking, Cow-Hating Game

Who is talking about Eat Them, a game that lets you play building-destroying giants who can eat cows and cops? I'd not heard of the game until I saw it recently at a PlayStation showcase. Its art style is unforgettable.

Eat Them is an upcoming PlayStation 3 downloadable game from development studio Fluffy Logic, and, well, I don't know much more about it than that and what a PlayStation rep showed me in the video I shot above. That's enough for me. The art reminds me of that of comic-book artist Geoff Darrow. That, of course, is a compliment.


    now we need ultraman, godzilla, gamera and mothra to join the casts!

    Looks like fun, and that artwork is pretty cool

    Where the hell are all the giant monster games. War of the monsters on the PS2 was fantastic and one of the reasons my PS2 is still plugged in.

    Many domestic disputes are settled with monster throw downs in our house.

      OMG War of the Monsters was and is one of my favourite PS2 games. It was just insane! Always wanted a PS3 game like it, this will have to fill the void for now. It does look like heaps of fun

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