Enjoy Some Treats With This Fable III Movie

In addition to this trailer packed with in-game cinematics, Fable III sent word today that all new copies will have a one-use code redeemable for free goodies in-game.

With the code, you'll get three skins - the Scottish Male (or Female) Hero (or Heroine) Outfit, the Highlander Tattoo Set and the Red Setter Skin (for the dog); and two potions, one for Slow Time, the other Raise Dead.

No plans yet announced for these items showing up in the Fable Store online but it's a reasonable bet they will at some point.


    So... we can now play as a claymore wielding, kilt wearer?

    This shit just got real... and completely freakin awesome!

    It's braw!

    So wait, is that code in ALL new copies of the game? I was thinking of ordering the Collectors Ed, and so far dressing up as a Scottish Claymore wielding Fable char sounds awesome!

    As all the other styles in the game look really lame...

    Man, I hate when there are one-use codes for a game I like. That means I'll have to fight with my bf for the code!

      If its like any other DLC then anyone on the same 360 can use it. So you get access to it either way.

        For DLC, I have to go into the game thru my bf's acc then sign in mine from there. Otherwise it won't work :\

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