Epic Boss Doesn't Think The 3DS Can Run The Unreal Engine

Though he hasn't got his hands on the system himself, Epic's Mark Rein reckons he knows what's under the hood of Nintendo's new 3D handheld. And from what he knows, he says there'll be no Unreal Engine on the thing.

"It's below our [minimum specifications] , from what we can tell" Rein said to Joystiq. "We don't have a 3DS, so there's no way for us to verify that, but everything we've been led to believe is that it's below our min-spec. You couldn't do a game that looks like [Epic Citadel]on it, for example."

So an iPhone can run something a 3DS can't? That's either really interesting, or Rein's sources are way off.

Rein: 3DS likely below minimum specifications for Unreal Engine [Joystiq]


    The iPhone actually has more RAM than the 3DS, so I wouldn't be surprised if this was true.

    Don't really care though, most of epic's games as of late have been brown, shiny, space marine borefests

      It's not epic's games that count, it's all the games that licensed the engine. Such as Batman Arlham Asylum. It seems as though Epics games these days are just big tech demos to advertise their engine.
      If UE3 was available on the 3DS, that would mean developers would only have to make the game once then optimize it for each console, instead of having to make a version for handheld consoles.

    orr maybeeee, it couldn't handle spitting it out in 3D.

    might have something to do with the unreal engine being so clunky

      Pffft. If you'd actually taken some time to learn the UDK, then you'd know that what you're saying is uninformed and stupid.

    At least the 3DS actually has buttons. I hate playing action games on the iPhone. With a touch-screen, it's far too easy to have your fingers or thumbs in the wrong place at a crucial moment. :/

      ...and fingers covering a good portion of the screen. This guy's a puppet with money where his mouth should be. They make standard games with a pretty good engine that they lease to people who sometimes make good games. Not quite authoritative on these matters. OoT3D (updated 1998 game) will outsell Epic's next "AAAAA++++" attempt with Unreal Tournament -2.4-thousand or whatever they decided to number it.

    On this topic I was surprised that everyone was so blown away by the graphics. When I thought of the future DS I thought of gamecube graphics. Like the previous generation it will be like a shit [console from previous generation]. Like the DS was like a shit N64. And now the price is high because everyone was so blown away by this? lame ><

    Although 3D is pretty fucking sick. I'm not sure whether I would trade it better graphics, maybe, if I meant console like games to that of the gamecube.

    I guess that's what the PSP2 is for.

    And fuck I can't not go without new pokemon in 3D so I guess I am sold, just not that happy. Damn you Nintendo.

      Wow... troll much? =P

      cool story bro

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