Europe Gets Red Wii Bundle

It's not just the Super Mario Bros 25th anniversary game Europe is getting; the Old World may be in line to receive the new Red Wii as well, albeit with some changes made to the bundle.

This box art surfaced over the weekend and shows what looks to be the official box art for a European edition of the red Wii bundle. It differs from the Japanese one, however, in that instead of including that special "hacked" version of Super Mario Bros, it instead includes the original Donkey Kong.

Slight disappointment to collectors after what will surely be a very rare version of the classic game, then, but if all you wanted was the red Wii, then everything is fine!

We're checking with Nintendo for confirmation on this bundle and will update if we hear back.

UPDATE : Yup, it's official! It'll be out on October 29.

[NeoGAF via Go Nintendo]


    Faltering sales...? Sickly quarterly reports? Then bring out a nice shiny special edition console to cure what ails you!

    and i just bought a black one, damn you Nintendo. WTB multiple colours of the next console from launch

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