Fable II Is Free Right Now

Fable II is supposed to go for $US20 if you download it on the Xbox 360. But, less than two weeks before the release of Fable III, it it now free on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Smells like a marketing stunt and a bargain. Got 7GB free? Then go for it.

NOTE: We know that some of you aren't getting this to work. On our end we're seeing mixed results as well, but we do have a free download in progress.

We're checking with Microsoft to find out if they goofed or if their prices really are that insane.

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    No luck for me. It's free on xbox.com, but it won't allow me to download from the website. On the console itself it is $59.95

      Yeah, but it's $20 US, if you have a US account

    It didn't say it was free on my xbox but it's free on the site. You just can't download it on there.

    Isn't this just the demo version? The one where you have to buy each episode as you go along?

      Yes, it is. It's episode 1. Xbox Australia announced as such on Twitter early yesterday ;)

    I paid $40 for this a few months ago...

    Sad panda.

    I doubt this is right, considering Valve can't even offer free DLC.

      what does this have to do with valve? valve made the dlc free, microsoft wanted to charge for it. get your facts straight.

        Are you retarded? i think he meant that if valve cant offer free DLC how are lionhead going to.

          Are you retarded? Lionhead is owned by Microsoft so I'm sure they can bend the rulesto market their own AAA title. DER BRAIN!!!

    I've been trying from all angles and no luck.

    I believe what you are looking at is the Fable II episodes thing released ages ago, which always had the first episode free. Because if I go through the store manually I am given the 19.99 price. However if I use your link I am told that I have already purchased. I never purchased Fable II, I only ever got the first digital episode, which is what your link appears to be. The episodes have always been screwed up as they have never been named properly, and buying the episodes individual worked out to be a greater cost than buying the game outright.

      Yep. Exactly the same story here. That link has an "already purchased" for me too, and I would never even think of paying money for this game.

    Not available in Australia :(

    This is not working in Australia. Here is still listed at $60!

      And yet instore you can get a hardcopy for around 29 - 39 bucks...

    It seems like it's for only episode 1 of 5 that's free. Regardless, had trouble doing it from home. US only, perhaps?

    this isnt available in australia. that link is a us link, the au link shows fable as $60


    I suspect it's a glitch. If it sounds too good to be true etc.

    Pity, really - it would be a good marketing stunt. But would also probably piss off those who already paid for it.

    No luck here either. Another Aussie. :/

    It's been fixed.

    It was: go to xbox.com and select to download.
    Then when you fire up your console... it automatically downloads.

    It was for the full game, not the episodic version.

    Although I'm in Australia, it worked on my NZ account.

    says free for me but i think thats because my windows location is set to United States, I live in Australia though, its just set to US so i can use the zune software

    Working so far, need to use the link in the article for some reason :P

    I'm in Australia and it worked for me, I logged into xbox.com US and got it from there.

    Worked perfectly fine for me, playing it right now.

    mm that's a pooper :( I lcicked the article link, logged in, hit download to 360, and got this message.

    This item is not available for purchase from Xbox LIVE Marketplace on the Web.

    :( bummer

    in Australia, logged into xbox.com US and it's $19.99 - I have a silver account, could be why...

    I'm in Aus and it worked for me. Read to article, you just go through the link and next time you turn on your xbox it starts the 6.7Gb download. Simple.

      Yeah, that's how it worked for me too. At first, I wasn't sure if that wasn't just the first episode like everybody else said but when I saw the size of the download (about 7gb), I started to believe.

      Haven't even played it yet, though. The only problem is that a good portion of my 20Gb HDD is now taken up by this :-/

    I'm still downloading as it's 7 gb but worked for me. I got the first episode a while back so it said already purchased but that was for the 1 st ep and was only 1 gb or so. As this is 7 gb I suspect it's the whole thing. I had no trouble following the link to queue it up then use the xbox to start the DL.

    Weird but a free game is too good to pass up.

      I just finishd the DL and seems to be legit. All working. I guess the true test will be when you get past the first episode.

      I have to say that if this turns out to be the full game, it is a great idea. I have never been into fable before and as a result, not played the game. I played the first free ep some time ago and thought is was good but just didn't see the need to buy the game. I will play this now as I got it for free and if i enjoy that experience, i will seriously consider buying the third game.

      If this move was intentional, then i am interested to see whats next. I think this is a good move before the upcoming release of the next game to try to attract new players to the franchise. Not that this should apply to all games, but a couple of years after the initial release and just before a new release, seems like a good time to offer a freebie. Only those who have not played it will pick it up and these are therefore all new customers and therefore an untapped market for the franchise.

      More of this please! (PS I like free games if Mike is reading lol)

      PPS, Strange is a girl.

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