Fallout: New Vegas Has Bug Issues

Early reports say Fallout: New Vegas needs a good delousing, because the game seems to be buggy - and buggy from the game's start. Update: Bethesda responds.

Apparently, the above bug appeared at the game's intro for YouTube user Shodan10. "FIRST THING THAT HAPPENS IS BROKEN," Shodan10 writes. When meeting Dr Mitchell, his head... started...

...spinning around - while he was still talking! Watch the video below for the full, creepy effect.

This isn't the only bug Kotaku's heard about. It is one of the best ones, though. The dog eye bug and moonwalking dog are good too. As are the phantom computers and the ceiling head.

Other bugs supposedly include error messages that the game's downloadable content cannot be found and save corruption issues.

Kotaku is reaching out to the game's developer to see if there are plans to patch Fallout: New Vegas and will update if we hear back.

Update: Patches are coming. Pete Hines, marketing man at Fallout studio Bethesda Softworks, tells Kotaku, "We are currently working on releasing patches/updates as quickly as possible for Fallout: New Vegas, for all platforms. Announcements regarding the patches are forthcoming." He advises anyone seeing this head-turning bug to re-verify their files on Steam, as the issue is due to a "corrupt mesh file". Also notable: The head-turning bug here was highlighted two days ago in a blog post by one of the game's producers, who identified it as a known bug that was "eradicated" prior to the game's official release.

Fallout New Vegas Bug [YouTube]


    They seem like quirks more than anything, with the exception of one gamebreaking bug I've seen. Fallout 2 was released full of bugs, and many people still claim it as one of their favourite games today, but all of a sudden it's an issue with newer games, despite it being easier than ever to distribute patches.

    So let's recap.

    1. No DLC for PS3 for a while.
    2. The PS3 download codes for the pre-order bonuses don't work.
    3. The game is buggy.

    Oh well, reviews are still pretty positive. If it's half as good as Fallout 3, I'll be happy. That being said, with the vast array of solid titles available, an extended period of testing wouldn't have gone amiss.

    Great, I should be getting this today.
    Wonder if I should hold off playing till they get their act together.

    I'll still be picking up my copy today, despite the plethora of reported bugs in reviews I've read.

    I ended up with a bug in Fallout 3.. it got to the point where anytime I attempted to enter Tenpenny Tower, the game would completely freeze on me! I had hoarded so much loot up there, including the entire collection of bobbleheads! I still played the DLC, just couldn't ever get back into Tenpenny tower ;(

    That's why I didn't jump on and buy the game straight away. I know almost everyone loved Fallout 3 but the bugs in that game really annoyed me, enough to make me think twice about getting this one off the bat.

    There is one huge bug that annoys me: maybe it's just because I'm in offline mode or something, but every time I start the game, it resets my auto and quicksave to one about 40 minutes into the game. Fortunately my regular saves are safe (about 10 hours in)... so my advice, SAVE USING REGULAR SAVES!

    The only weird gameplay bug I've encountered so far is when I went to go rescue some hostages, the guards didn't mind me walking in (since I was Neutral with them) and releasing the hostages, who casually strolled off into the wasteland. It was really bizarre...

    If most of the bugs are head-rolling type ones like in that video, I don't see it as being much of an issue. But if the bugs start interfering with gameplay, well that just sucks.

    Look at his head go! Weee!

    Meh, said it before, but Fallout is one of the few games that i find it quite easy to overlook these small bugs.

    I laughed so hard I cried.

    Thank you for sharing these!

    Yesterday my bonus code was coming up as invalid - 360 support told me that they had not uploaded it to the AU server and to try again in 24 hours...

    24 hours later my code came up as already used - 360 support told me that it was redeemed in the USA a few hours ago and that there was nothing they could do about it...

    To Bethesda - Stop releasing broken games!
    To Microsoft - and you wonder why people buy PS3's?

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