Fallout: New Vegas Is Done, And It's Time For Cake

Fallout: New Vegas is 100 per cent complete, the PC specs are out, and the New Vegas designer Robert Lee gets a splendid cake. All is right with the world. As seen on the Bethesda Blog.

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    It also heralds the price change on AU steam from 49.99usd to a whopping 89.99usd

    Hope he enjoys that cake

      Phew. Glad I preordered it at the old price. What a load of crap...

        Same here, I'm sure to pick up releases that I'll want later on nice and early on Steam, if they show up with a cheaper price than normal that is.
        Seen it happen one to many times.

      89 dollars? Bye bye saving.

    Obsidian? Completing a game BEFORE release date? I'll believe it when I see it...

      I think obsidian have a real problem with management but with bethesda overseeing this project they would have been cracking the whip to make sure it got done.

    That guy looks so seedy.

    haha.. my post on their blog asking if the "being done" referred to cranking up the price for Australians on Steam got moderated.

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