Fallout: New Vegas Updated, PC Bugs Squashed?

As promised, Fallout New Vegas publisher Bethesda says they've patched the PC version of the new role-playing game and are working on updates for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions soon.

"We have just released an automatic update for the PC version of Fallout: New Vegas that resolves quest and scripting issues," Kotaku was told by a Bethesda representative late yesterday. "We're working hard to make this update available for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game as soon as possible and will let you know as soon as we have the dates they'll be up."

Other updates:

"The issue regarding the PlayStation 3 digital pre-order bonuses has also been resolved. Users should attempt to re-enter the codes to download their bonuses. Should the "80023156" error continue, we ask that players wait 24 hours before entering the code again. The code should then activate the bonus without any issue."

Bethesda has also posted these update notes on their blog. Gamers have been complaining about bugs in New Vegas, while Bethesda has been rushing to fix them and offer solutions. Not an ideal situation, one that is hopefully fully remedied soon.

Updates on Fallout: New Vegas (Update for Aussies) [Bethesda Blog]


    The patch was actually out at the same time the Australian release happened, it didn't fix the dodgy auto/quicksave overwrite that I was suffering though (where when I booted up the game, those saves reverted to saves made about 40 minutes into the game- regular saves were unaffected. Happened both online and offline).

    Though to be honest I haven't had any real problems with the game, almost 20 hours in now since US launch, loving every second...

      WOuld have been better if they fixed the bugs before it hit GOld status though...

    I've had to go to some effor to get the game running on PC nicely. Modify config .ini files to fix up mouse acceleration and the like, adding a custom .dll community fix to get FPS up and deny write access to the local directory buried in steam for the cloud saves that overight your saves even after you have disabled said cloud.

    Well its still working relatively well a couple days after launch which makes it one of the better day one PC games horrors I've dealt with in recent years!

    This is a second patch, it doesn't say what it actually fixes though, just 'Scripting' issues. Which is what the first patch said.

    Fortunately the community are on the ball and I had workarounds for my issues within the first few hours.

    Brought Fallout NV yesterday, got home excited to play it after work and it crashed to the PS3 XMB in the first mission. Then over the course of the next 2 hours completely froze twice more and also had a number of other small issues with enemies and NPC not reacting like they should (e.g - enemies yelling and carrying on like they're attacking but standing completely still with their mouth open and not firing weapons).

    That patch screwed me for a while this morning. I woke up at 6:15 and played super meat boy for a short time then power up my laptop to play NV. It was fine til' 7 when i turned it off to go get ready for school. 7:30 i come back to play it and if i press any button on the keyboard it freezes, mouse is ok but not keyboard. Pissed me off, fine now though.

    If your having trouble saving, just use he console command.

    type "Savegame XXX" XXX being what ever you want. I never use the normal save system since oblivion.

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