Fallout: New Vegas' Voice Actors Speak

No matter how many times I see the names together, it's still odd seeing Matthew Perry alongside Ron Pearlman, Wayne Newton, William Sadler and Kris Kristofferson still feels weird.

I suppose it's because Ron Pearlman has always been the narrator, Wayne Newton is nearly synonymous with Vegas, and Kristofferson is the go-to-guy for grizzly older men. Matthew Perry is still Chandler in my eyes and ears, and Chandler wouldn't last five seconds in New Vegas, let alone become the leader of a gang.

He might end up skinned and made into a jacket for the leader of a gang, but that's as close as he'd get.


    Kinda seething at Steam at the moment, with waiting till the New Vegas unlock countdown got to 1 hour before resetting to *3 days*.

    Just thought I'd put that out there, as I got up early in the morning before work to check it out and got greeted by angry Australians raging at valve.

      that leaves us with 3 options:

      Option1- "Avast ye scurvy sea dog!"

      Option2- "hey guys how do we do that VPN tunneling thingy"

      Option3- sit and brood for the next 3 days while we wait for Steam to unlock the damn game.

      But seriously, this shit always happens with us. the US treat australia/NZ as being part of europe, while the EU treat australia/NZ as being part of the US, and Asia doesnt even think we exist when it comes to video game releases

        yeah, this seriously burned me - i doubt i'll preorder anything in Steam anymore. I actually set it to download last night, only to wake up this morning and find the damn countdown had reset itself.

        Poor treatment of Australian customers, Valve (and Obsidian / Bethesda too).

      I dunno about the rest of you...

      I manually created the preload link and loaded it before the release.

      When the countdown reset I was able to play using the shortcut the game created when it preloaded.

      Been playing it since Thursday.

    Ron Perlman*

    They must of gotten to Matthew Perry when they seen this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yAbRzjRRLds

    I'm not really angry at valve, they don't set the release dates.

    I just wish the countdown was more truthful from the beginning, a true countdown doesn't need to run twice.

    I can wait, just got my copy of "Mogworld" in the mail. Only took three weeks.

      Three weeks? You have the patience of Mary McKillop! I really hope my preorder copy doesn't take anywhere near that lonG!

    i just wanna kno if the dlc is timed

    Chandler only really got the part because he's a huge fan of the original. But he's the whitest of white guy I've ever seen and won't last 2 seconds.

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