Fan-Made 'Duke Nukem Next-Gen' Gets Gearbox's Blessing

Frederik Schreiber, an amateur modeller itching to update Duke Nukem 3D into the present, has gotten permission from the studio now in charge of the franchise to create "Duke Nukem Next-Gen" for the PC.

That video above gives you the best idea of what Schreiber's going for in "Duke Nukem Next-Gen", which he says is a codename for the project and not its finished title. Above, that's Hollywood Holocaust in a no-weapons test mode.

When finished, the game will include a three-episode singleplayer campaign and "a full-fledged multiplayer component". It "will be released free to everyone - NO other games required," Schreiber notes.

The free aspect is because he now has a personal non-commercial licence from Gearbox Software to go forward with his project, which went viral after he posted a test map and screenshots on the studio's official forum late last month.

Realising this would be sunk if the rights holders to the game didn't bless it, Schreiber managed to get his idea in front of Gearbox's corporate counsel. "Luckily Gearbox was interested in supporting the project," Schreiber writes, "which resulted in a personal non-commercial licence to Duke Nukem."

When does the game release? Well, just like its notorious namesake, "when it's done". That said, "We won't hold back the experience, until the final game gets released," Schreiber writes. Everyone will be able to play the game's "first official Milestone Test", which will be a multiplayer test on a few maps, with the weapons, items and objects included on those maps.

The nine-man team has an internal date set for the game's multiplayer demo "and it's sooner than you think".

Duke Nukem: Next-Gen - OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCED! - Info, Team etc. [Gearbox Forums]


    This looks really good and all Duke Nukem coverage is good at this time.

    plus has a articcle going about this

    Is that some Unreal engine? Man I love that engine, any game built on it just feels so futuristic to me :D

      Yes it it. Im fairly sure its Unreal Engine 3

        It's UDK so it can be released 100% free - you don't need a UT3 based game to run it as a mod. It's a standalone game.

    See this is how a company should respond when a fan is remaking a game they loved of theres with updated graphics. Not slapping a cease and desist on em.

    I'm looking at YOU squaresoft.

    My respect for gearbox just went through the roof.

    How many times has this been done?

    Only showing the first room and nothing else? And they are saying 'sooner than you think'.

    Sooner than we think 11 or so years?

      Gotta love naysayers.

      If you read the forum, he's actually done a lot more than 1 room. He's actually crafted multiple levels, his team has re-written several scores (updated remakes from the original game), and they have done models.

    And thanks for Epic for their Unreal Engine 3 SDK!

    DAMN that looks awesome, can't wait for this. Its almost got me as pumped as Black Mesa. Only this one is probably coming out sooner!

    If this releases before Black Mesa I will kill myself.

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