Fear This Creeper Costume On Halloween

To gamers of all sizes, well computer gamers of all sizes, there is nothing more frightening to behold than an unexpected Creeper.

When I opened the email from reader Supermarioman with a this picture of the Creeper he made of cardboard and tissue paper I nearly flipped out of my chair. Imagine the unsuspecting parent stumbling upon this exploding Minecraft monster when they're out Halloween night trick or treating with their kids. It's going to get messy.


    That is fantastic. I just want to fill that room with torches and then whack him with a really blocky sword! nice.

    I hope someone tries to plug him full of arrows from across the street, before he decides to blow himself up.
    Stupid creepers, wrecking mah stuff.

    I would fill that guy's head with low-res arrows.


    If I saw that guy I think I'd punch him and run.

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