First Look At Dynasty Warriors 7


    PS3 exclusive :(

    Hopefully it's better than StrikeForce.

    Why with the PS3 exclusive?!? Especially after the other most recent ones (6, 6 Empires, Strike force come to mind) were multiplatform!


      Their country men demand it to be.

        It's because these games sell better on the PS3 then they have on the 360.

      The vast majority of us Koei tragics play all the warrior games on the PS3 because we always have, there's been a helluva lotta games and when you're used to the Sony controller it can be... weird to use a 360 for a Warriors game.

      I got DW6 on the 360 because it was on sale and I've always regretted not getting a Playstation copy.

    This will be the first DW game I have not purchased in a very very long time. Maybe one day they will bring it out on the 360.

    Oh well :) Still good to see them pumping these things out though :)

      it is coming out for 360

    Those shoes man....

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