First Screens Of Activision's NASCAR Game

Not sure what the point is of a site countdown when the game is confirmed and, today, 15 screens for NASCAR 2011: The Game were get put up on the new site. But that countdown's still a-tickin' anyhow.

Okie doke! Well, take a gander at 11 in-game shots that include tracks at Martinsville and Phoenix, and what looks like the garage from a career or season mode. The four fullsize shots of the cars for Kyle Busch, Denny Hamlin, Carl Edwards and Greg Biffle are wallpapers, if you are so inclined.

NASCAR 2011: The Game [Official Site]


    Maybe when the countdown reaches zero they'll reveal that it was all a really bad joke and that there is no NASCAR game.

    Going only by what I've heard about NASCAR, it's apparently just cars driving in a big circle until there is a 20 car pile-up?

      Guess that's what happens when you don't bother to look and see for yourself, and just believe what you hear.

      NASCAR is driving in circles, yes. But it's also one of the most difficult (on full realism) and most action packed driving games you can play. It can actually be a very fun and rewarding experience, though granted, it's not for everyone.

    Realistic, but not F1 realistic:

    1) The cars are as fast
    2) Crashes do not ruin the race
    3) Overtaking is not a rarity
    4) You hardly ever need to move to the right


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