First Windows Phone 7 Devices Drop In November

The first wave of Windows Phone 7 devices kicks off with the November 8 release of the Samsung Focus in North America, with eight more Xbox Live-ready devices making it to market worldwide in time for the Christmas holidays.

Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 initiative launches on November 8 in North America with the release of the $US199 Samsung Focus. As part of the Windows Phone 7 platform, the phone will integrate Microsoft's Xbox LIVE, Microsoft Office Mobile, Zune, Windows Live and more.

In North America, AT&T will offer the Samsung Focus, along with the HTC Surround and the LG Quantum, both due out within the holiday release window. T-Mobile will offer the HTC HD7 and the Dell Venue Pro.

Here is a full list of the devices coming out worldwide during the holiday season:

In North America:

AT&T • HTC Surround, United States • Samsung Focus, United States • LG Quantum, United States

T-Mobile USA • HTC HD7, United States • Dell Venue Pro, United States

TELUS • HTC 7 Surround, Canada • LG Optimus 7, Canada

América Móvil • LG Optimus 7, Mexico

In Europe:

O2 • HTC HD7, United Kingdom, Germany

Orange • HTC 7 Mozart, including France, United Kingdom • Samsung OMNIA 7, including France, United Kingdom

SFR • HTC 7 Trophy, France • Samsung OMNIA 7, France

Movistar • LG Optimus 7, Spain • HTC HD7, Spain • Samsung OMNIA 7, Spain

Deutsche Telekom AG • HTC 7 Mozart, Germany • Samsung OMNIA 7, Germany

Vodafone • HTC 7 Trophy, including Germany, Spain, United Kingdom • LG Optimus 7, including Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom

In Asia Pacific:

SingTel • HTC HD 7, Singapore • LG Optimus 7, Singapore

Telstra • HTC 7 Mozart, Australia • LG Optimus 7Q, Australia

Vodafone • HTC 7 Trophy, including Australia

Anyone planning on picking one up?


    gsm suggests that there's no card slots on any of the HTC's, so i'd rather not be stuck with just 8gb of space. shame, the phones look really nice.

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