Forza 3 And All Its DLC Ultimately Collected

Microsoft kicks off a multi-year partnership with BBC hit television show Top Gear next month, packing in 90 minutes of Top Gear TV content into the Forza Motorsport 3 Ultimate Collection, along with every bit of DLC released so far.

Today is a day for making people feel bad about buying downloadable content. First Dragon Age: Origins and all of its DLC are packaged together at a low price, and now Forza Motorsport 3 is getting the same treatment. The Forza Motorsport 3 Ultimate Collection, due out on October 26, packages together all previously released add-ons for the game, along with some new Top Gear content to celebrate the new partnership with the show.

Ninety minutes of specially edited Top Gear TV footage will be downloadable in October, as well as the Stig's Garage Car Pack.

Expect to see Top Gear-branded content in future versions of Forza Motorsport as part of the new partnership.

"It's incredibly exciting to be teaming up with such a big name game," said Andy Wilman, creative director at Top Gear. "I fear we'll have to be a bit more ambitious and a bit less rubbish when dealing with these chaps."

The Forza Motorsport 3 Ultimate Collection hits North America on October 26, the UK and Germany on October 29, and Japan on November 11.


    Looks like someone at Micrsoft is worried about a little game called Gran Turismo 5 which releases a week later, and funnily enough features the Top Gear test track...hmmmm

      You realise it's basically the 1 year anniversary of the release of Forza 3 right?

      It's a bit late for them to be in any way worried about GT5... if it ever gets released.

        I would think this is directly related to gt5. Anyone who owns forza is unlikely to purchase this so they are targeting new customers. Customers who might say, be thinking about buying a certain other racing sim.

        It's more of a last hurrah as forza is about to get knocked off the pedistle and the developers are scrambling to defend their crown, in vein no doubt...

        Daniel, GT5 is 100% confirmed for a November 2 release in the US, and later the same week in most other territories. It would take something monumental for Sony not to meet this date as the multi-million dollar marketing camapaign has already begun.

    Forza 3 is a good game.....only to be let down by the crappy steering wheel micrsoft decided to sell

    While I realise that FM3 has been out for a while and this represents great vaule to anyone that doesn't already have the game, it also is a bit hard to swallow for those that purchased the game on day 1 and have picked up DLC as they were released (not all DLC, granted).

    I think it bodes well and is a natural pairing of the Top Gear and FM brands, just as much as GT and Top Gear, but for Turn10 to make some very desireable cars exclusive to disc release and not make them available as DLC is doing their fans a disservice.

    For me personally, this is on par with paying for DLC that unlocks content already on the disc.

    TBH I only bought like, 2 of the car packs, so I'm not that phased. Most have been pretty crappy. Now, if only they'd sell the LF-A...

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