Fox News Wonders If NBA Jam Is A Truly Bipartisan Game

Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.comEA Sports president Peter Moore appeared on Fox News earlier this day to talk about the unlockable political celebrities in NBA Jam, out now for the Wii, and artfully fielded a question that sounds loaded, considering the source.

Appearing today on the network's "Happening Now," Moore pointed out that Bill and Hillary Clinton were unlockable celebrity players in the original NBA Jam of 1993, and so it felt natural to include Barack Obama, Sarah Palin and other contemporary political figures in this year's highly anticipated reboot.

Then co-host Jenna Lee piped up:

"Is this a bipartisan game, though, Peter, because I read that the president has some special skills; do any of the Republicans have any special skills?"

Moore, who had to have been anticipating this, replied:

"We try and be nonpartisan in what we do, but at the same time the president, who as you know is a pretty good hoops player himself, we try to represent his skills. So the president does have some special skills, which you'll have to buy the game to find out what they are."

As I've said before, these zany unlockables and this kind of fan service is highly appreciated by many gamers, but it doesn't come without some risks. Beefing up the president may be justifiable because he's both a basketball player and, you know, the president; but inevitably, someone, somewhere won't be able to laugh along because they'll be indignant that the opposition didn't get the exact same treatment.

Politicians Face Off in New Video Game [Fox News "Happening Now," thanks Chris H.]


    That's sickening.


    No seriously, why were you watching Fox anyway?

    "Well I'm not gonna vote for Sarah Palin, simply because she can not do that spinning slam dunk that makes the basketball burst into flames that Barrack Obama can do" - Seriously Fox News? Is this how you think your fellow countrypeople think?

      you forget this is USA they are talking about

      I dunno; if any aussie politicians could actually do a spinning, flaming slam dunk I would vote for them.

      She might not be able to slam dunk, but I reckon she and some of her fellow conservative nutters over there would be pretty good at the Hail Mary.

    Pot meet kettle...

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