Freejack Beta Starts Freerunning Today

Freejack Beta Starts Freerunning Today
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Freejack Online, a parkour-inspired free-to-play online racing game, begins its open beta today, and Game Bridger is offering prizes to those to sign up before the 4th.

More than a couple games are getting in on the parkour trend, and Freejack seems to have a semi-serious take. It’s mainly a racing game, with some elements resembling Tony Hawk skating games, although it looks like you’ll be able to perform super moves for massive jumps, and interfere with other racers to get ahead.

Not very conducive to parkour’s philosophy of “flow”, but could it still be a fun game? At least it’s free to find out.

Early beta adopters will have a chance to win an iPad, iPod, Sony PSP-3000, and Samsung 12MP Digital Camera. More info on their website.


  • Sorry to get anal about this, but Freejack seems more focused on the art of free running, rather than parkour.

    To steal from the Wikipedia article, “Parkour as a discipline emphasizes efficiency, whilst free running embodies complete freedom of movement”. Parkour is all about getting from A to B in the fastest and most efficient way possible, whereas free running allows you to utilise tricks and more acrobatic manoeuvres and has more focus on self-expression rather than efficiency.

    Very similar aspects, obviously (especially since free running started as a derivative of parkour), but with very different disciplines.

    Sure, Freejack has racing, which is all about getting from A to B in the fastest way possible. But the tricks and various acrobatic moves put it squarely in free running territory. Parkour with tricks is free running and not parkour, but free running with a lack of tricks is still free running.

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