Full House Star Sued Over Video Game Jibes

When Jodie Sweetin was 13, Full House was canceled. The actress, who played Stephanie Tanner, grew up, got married and started doing meth. But her second husband, she says, was a gaming junkie.

In her tell-all memoir UnSweetined, the 28-year-old actress talks about overcoming her drug addiction and how difficult it was for her after Full House was canned. Her ex-husband Cody Herpin, who worked set transportation for Resident Evil: Extinction, filed a lawsuit over the book. According to TMZ, Herpin claims the book shows him in a "false light", depicting him as "lazy, unwilling to provide and support his family, uncaring, vindictive, unsupportive and disinterested" in Sweetin's pregnancy.

Herpin and Sweetin have a daughter together. The two married after two months of dating, but divorced soon after Sweetin gave birth. The Hollywood Gossip reports that Herpin claimed that Sweetin was no longer sober — something Sweetin denied.

The lawsuit cites passages in Sweetin's book, such as, "During the day, the baby was 100 percent my responsibility. Cody, meanwhile, played video games." In another passage, Sweetin writes that during recovering of her C-section, Herpin would try to make her laugh because he "because he knew it hurt when I laughed. That and video games were his two forms of entertainment."

Herpin, TMZ reports, is suing the book's publisher Simon & Schuster as well. UnSweetined was released in November 2009.

Former 'Full House' Star Jodie Sweetin's Ex — I Was Not Hooked on Video Games [TMZ Thanks Ryan!][Pic]


    This is video game news how?

      Seconded. Just because a story mentions 'video games' doesn't mean that is its focus, or that it's relevant to anyone except Perez Hilton.

        Jeez, some people have their panties in a bunch.

        You *don't* have to read this y'know...

    He looks like a pretty classy guy. Maybe he could get a job at, like, JB hifi or something.

    Eww. Gaming news please.

    and we care about this why exactly?

    on a side note, she looks like she would be slimy if you touched her.. :|

    Sounds like a sure-fire Pulitzer Prize contender.

    I don't think it counts as slander if nobody gives a shit.

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