Game Connect Asia Pacific 2010

Got a spare 300 dollars burning a hole in your hip pocket? Didn't think so...

Oh wait, you do? Well maybe you should hook up a last-minute registration and head over to Games Connect Asia Pacific 2010 up at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre this Thursday and Friday.

According to the little blurb, Games Connect "will deliver thought provoking, creative and innovative topics covering programming, art, design, production, marketing and more, from leaders in the local and international game development industry, the film industry and global marketing agencies".

Sounds spiffing, and having a look through some of the guest speakers and the topics being discussed, it looks like Games Connect is set to do exactly what it says on the tin. Aussie luminaries Halfbrick will be doing a presentation titled, "The Fruit Ninja Experience" and "Soaps to MMOs: How Neighbours will become a World of Warcraft" sounds like it'll be another show highlight - but if you're at all interested in the industry side of gaming, and perhaps becoming a part of that industry, Games Connect sounds like a must attend. Students also receive a discount if that helps seal the deal.

Head to the Games Connect website for more info!


    i wish i could make it to GCAP, why does sydney have to be such a black hole in austrlian game development, damn you backwards NSW state gov.

    I think Queensland should be renamed Gamerland.


      Motion passed. We shall hereby refer to the state of Queensland as 'Gamerland'. Err, well you and me at least....

    I'm going to this, should be quite educational- at least, more educational then school.

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