Game Dev Puts Game Dev Story Into Perspective

Game Dev Puts Game Dev Story Into Perspective

Adrian Chmielarz, creative director at Bulletstorm developer People Can Fly, weighs in on iPhone mini-sensation Game Dev Story, later explaining it “might actually be tons of fun for people who are not in game dev, but for us… I mean, what developer’s first hire is a secretary?”


  • It is a tycoon game, and tycoon games have never been realistic.
    Just look at probably the most well known tycoon game, Roller Coaster Tycoon. They pay no attention to design costs that should be part of any new ride design. The monthly research cost in that game is even less realistic.

    As long as you understand that a tycoon game is not a simulation game, despite some similarities, then anyone can enjoy this game. Game developer or not.

  • it’s funny when they say ‘as brokeback mountain is about a skiing accident in aspen,’ because the movie brokeback mountain did involve guys ‘accidently’ falling onto ‘ski’ poles.

  • I bought this game last night and couldn’t stop playing until my iTouch went dead. It’s easily replaced PvZ as my most played game. For $4.99 it’s not a bad price for the replayability you get out of it.

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