Game Of The Year… So Far?

Game Of The Year… So Far?

Game Of The Year… So Far?Future Publishing’s Golden Joystick Awards is huge in the UK, and probably ranks among some of largest awards ceremonies for gaming worldwide.

Now Future Australia, publisher of mags such as the Official Xbox Magazine, T3, the Official Nintendo Magazine and PSM3 are running an Australian Golden Joystick Awards, and they’re looking for your vote.

Head over yonder to vote, but be aware that the Golden Joysticks year runs from October 2009 to October 2010.

Head over and let us know what you voted. I chose…

360 Game of the Year: Red Dead Redemption (almost clicked Mass Effect 2) PS3 Game of the Year: Red Dead Redemption Wii Game of the Year: Mario Galaxy 2 (of course!) Handheld Game of the Year: Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Online Game of the Year: Limbo

Australian Golden Joystick Awards [Future]


  • 360 : Red Dead Redemption (almost clicked Mass Effect 2)
    PS3 : Red Dead Redemption
    Wii : Mario Galaxy 2 (of course!)
    Handheld : Metal Gear Solid : Peace Walker
    Online : PixelJunk Shooter
    Retailer : GAME

    • Oops… so I copied and pasted abit there… :p

      Uncharted 2 was probably an equal to me, but Red Dead won only because it allowed me to hunt!

  • How come Uncharted 2 makes it onto the PS3 list?

    360: RDR
    PS3: RDR
    Wii: SMG2
    HH: Haven’t played any of them, so I just picked Peace Walker.
    Online: PixelJunk Shooter. Tiny list, tbh.

    • The Golden Joystick award year runs from October to October. If I recall correctly, Uncharted 2 came out in November last year, hence it qualifies for this year’s awards. And a deserving winner it would be.

      Like you, I’d actually assumed Uncharted 2 would have been in last year’s awards. In which case I would have given this year’s to God of War 3 just ahead of Heavy Rain.

      I am really surprised that Heavy Rain isn’t an option in the PS3 list. Demon’s Souls, too, since that just came out in Australia this year.

      • its the reason im refusing to vote

        i dont think RDR deserves it and there are other games that aren’t on the list

        plus online should be indie game

        though i do want to vote JB best seller for the pure fact they don’t charge the ridiculous RRP so they can sell 2nd hand copys 5 dollars below the full price

        • You got it backwards. Because JB sells its games at a loss (about 1% above cost price, not enough to even pay the wages of the staff in the aisles) other retailers have to compete via Used games.
          You know how AAA games are usually $119.95 at retailers like Game and EB when they come out?
          If you saw a petrol station charging $3.40 a litre, when its neighbour was selling it for $0.80, don’t you think something would be up?
          Or do you assume the expensive one is just trying to rip you off? That’s some good business sense there alinos.

          • No chance. The cost is usually around 40% of the RRP. So an RRP of $119 usually means the game cost the retailer about $48 – JB can probably slash its price due to bulk orders exceeding the specialty game stores, much like Toys R Us and KmArt and Big W. So for them to sell a game at $80 to $90 is still a decent profit as they still have overheads, etc.

            JB are a very well run business, keeping overheads low, stock turnover high, and very competitive pricing. They have such basic store layouts, even the price labels look hand drawn on fluoro cards half the time. So they can get slimmer margins on the product

  • Have to agree with RDR, its a world I’m aching to get back into. It just captured the atmosphere perfectly I think.

  • No PC? So upsetting.

    Anyway I went with…

    360: AC2
    PS3: Uncharted 2
    Wii: Tatsunoko vs Capcom (sucker for good fighting games)
    Online: Limbo
    Handheld: Peace Walker by a mile!

  • I hate these Game of the Year awards that have seperate categories for 360 and PS3, but then have multi platform games listed for both categories instead of the exclusives. Should be 360, PS3, and Multiplatform.

    Also, Uncharted 2 was released last year (This time last year, but still a 2009 game none the less)

    AND… No Halo Reach… What the Frak?… My GOTY for sure.

  • Limbo is an online game? I thought it was singleplayer only?

    Also, where is Dead Rising 2? No More Heroes 2? Metroid: Other M? Professor Layton and the Unwound future? What about all the PC games this year, like Starcraft II or Civ 5?

    This is actually a pretty bad list, there are only a handful of good games on there, and a lot of them were released late last year. :/

    • I think it means “downloadable title” as I’m pretty sure Deathspank only has local co-op as well.

      I agree that the list is pretty ordinary, but then there were more than 5 great titles released on each console in the last year. And of course, the “best” of anything is always subjective.

  • Not much choice on Golden Joysticks. I would have voted Alan Wake for 360, but that wasn’t an option.

    I didn’t think twice about voting for Limbo, though.

    @Glenn, Reach will probably be on next year’s GJ. AC2 and MW2 were 2009 releases but they’re on the 2010 awards.

  • I can’t access the site as my workplace doesn’t allow me too much fun on the net.

    But seriously, no one is mentioning Mass Effect 2? I loved RDR as well, but Mass Effect 2 was (in my opinion) more amazing.

  • Xbox: Red Dead
    PS3: Uncharted 2
    Wii: NSMB
    Handheld: Bowsers inside Story
    Online: Joe Danger

    xbox was RedDead for being the only non-sequel, which is enough for an award in of itself.

    PS3 was uncharted 2 for just being such a highly refined and polished version of the original and with its spectacular addition of multiplayer. Uncharted’s Version of CTF plays out more like AFL then classic CTF, just when your about to be taken down you throw the flag for dear life and pray your side gets to it first.

    • I actually think that RDR is a sequel/ remake of a PS2 game by Rockstar called Red Dead Revolver.
      Found it in a bargain bin at EB a couple weeks ago but haven’t played it yet so not sure what the ingame or outta game story is.
      I was actually really surprised as noone seems to have mentioned it at all in conjunction with RDR so maybe it’s completely different. But the blurb on the back of the case sounds similar to RDR so I’m assuming it’s a remake.

      I won’t find out I’ll next gen consoles are released. I have such a back catalogue of games and no time to play them so I cheat with my gaming costs and just wait till the consoles are released then get the previous one and all the games I want on the cheap.

  • I vote for Borderlands game of the year edition for the game of the year, just because it has not won this title yet. …. lol

    Also vote for Trials HD for the game of the year. I know it was a 2009 arcade release, but this game is still in the top 20 out of all games played on XBL more than a year after release!!! (Major Nelson)

    This game deserves to win this year also… (*fanboy rant above*)

      • Oh.. I just pee’d a little. A Kotaku editor who loves Trials HD. I am here for life mate. Please tell me that you have a gamertag that I can check out to see your skills???? Perhaps not the type of thing that you could/should do if you want to keep the work/life balance thing and i respect that, but would be great to see your skills.

        Have you got a top 5000 replay anywhere on any track, what is your (approx) global ranking etc etc etc…

        A few of the regulars here will know this but I am a trials HD nut.

        I am ranked around the top 120ish globally (Fatshady Live if you are interested) and I think that should place me around top 5th-10th in AUS, but the other guys are NUTS!! (looking at you Lestropie).

        I am also a proud owner of a Trials HD hoodie and flag provided by the fantastic team at Redlynx so if you see a large dude (read:FATshady) walking around Sydney with a Trials HD hoodie on, it’s me!

      • Always happy to have a few more friends to compete against, My GT is above if you are interested. Glad to see a few more of us around here. I was starting to think that q-bo, (and now loops) and I were the only ones, and they both are on Trials2SE (PC version).

  • Am I the only one who played RDR through, then thought ‘Meh, that was okay’ and happily traded it back in for a grossly inflated sum of money?

    • No, I agree. I was underwhelmed with RDR. The deal breaker for me was the requirement to continuously Tap A to sprint. What’s wrong with holding the freaking button Rockstar!

    • Yeah, if you played it quick enough to get a super-awesome trade-in deal then you did it wrong. The story of the game doesn’t matter so much as the world. Although that kinda means it shouldn’t be game of the year though, doesn’t it? 😛
      As for these awards, I declined to vote. The options were way too limited, especially putting multiplatform games into both PS3 and Xbox categories. It’s like ‘GOTY…for Dummies’ or something.

      • I agree. I loved Mass Effect 2, but the world of Red Dead just got me. The main quest, especially in Mexico, got a bit bumpy, but I couldn’t get enough of just exploring all the sub missions, hunting Bears, stranger missions, etc.

      • i didn’t play through it super quick nor did i trade it it’s sitting on the shelf where it’s been since i got bored of it

        It had the same issue that i had with GTAIV it wasn’t fun to me, i guess it’s what happens when you try to aim for a more realistic game

        as opposed to a jet pack 😀

    • No I am with ya there, RDR over-rated. All that riding gave me chaffing. LOL. I was left wanting… well,.. more, than it had to offer. Mafia II for me. Peace out.

  • I’m sorry, the lack of Toy Soldiers for online game has me utterly disrespectful of the whole thing.

    The gameplay, game engine quality and cheapness/expansions make it an easy winner for me, and my Downloadable GOTY.

  • How can RDR get Game of the Year on the PS3 where:

    1. The graphics sucked in comparison to X360
    2. Multiplayer was broken on launch
    3. Multiplayer sucked in general

    @Shane, no you weren’t. RDR was a whole lot of marketing PR BS for a boring game about tumbleweed and a cowboy.

  • 360: Mass Effect 2
    PS3: Uncharted 2
    Wii: SMB Galaxy 2
    Handheld: didn’t vote since I haven’t played any of them.
    Online: Limbo
    Retailer: JB Hi Fi

  • Uncharted 2 is the best current-gen game I’ve played and probably will stay that way.

    360? I’d say ACII.

    No Wii or access to one, so can’t really say anything.

    Handheld? Peace Walker, hands down. I’ve sunk more than 60 hours into that game. It’s awesome 🙂

    Downloadable title? Joe Danger or Scott Pilgrim (considering they’re the only two titles I’ve got)

    Games Retailer? Harvey Norman is always overpriced, as is Kmart (mostly), the guy at my local Game seems stoned and argued that the SIXAXIS controller never existed and hence I couldn’t trade it in (until I eventually got him to get this manager. Who found the listing in 5 seconds.Derp.) Haven’t really set foot in a JB this year, so wouldn’t know. So probably EB, because even though they overcharge ridiculously, and pay you a pittance for trading in games, I have an awesome friend who I mainly just bum around and hang around with there. And who also gets me some free codes once in a while. 😀

    • I’d have chosen Gametraders as retailer of the year. And your guy from GAME sounds like the guy in JB a few weeks ago who tried to tell me Rock Band 3 was never coming out in Australia and that Guitar Hero:Green Day was a game. Doofus.

  • 360 Game of the Year: Red Dead Redemption
    PS3 Game of the Year: Uncharted 2
    Wii Game of the Year: Monster Hunter Tri (SMG2 a close 2nd, but it wasn’t “new” enough for me. I also realise that Monster Hunter is not a new IP, however, I liked the way it made the leap to the Wii and was much better than any PSP version.
    Handheld Game of the Year: Pokemon HG/SS
    Online Game of the Year: Deathspank! (Haven’t got around to playing limbo yet!)
    Retailer: JB Hi-Fi

  • seems like i was the only person in the world that hated red dead redemption. probably something to do with being a big fan of red dead revolver and the face rdd was just gta: wild west.

  • 360 Game of the Year: Mass Effect 2 (While i enjoyed RDR – wasn’t enough for me to compete with the almighty Shepard)
    PS3 Game of the Year: Assassin’s Creed 2 (would have picked it for both 360 and PS3 if ME2 hadn’t stolen my heart)
    Wii Game of the Year: Mario Galaxy 2
    Handheld Game of the Year: Pokemon SoulSilver (I loved it – what a love letter to 11 year old me)
    Online Game of the Year: Limbo
    Retailer: JB

  • I’ve never played RDR to be honest so I can’t comment on it. But given the talk about how it’s the world that sells it, I think I’d end up picking Mass Effect 2 and Uncharted 2 over it. I’m a sucker for stories rather than a game’s world (yes, UC2’s story was somewhat cliche but they did it so well). I’ve never really enjoyed many open world games cuz of the weaker story elements.

    Haven’t played most of the games in the other categories either so I can’t pick a winner from there but I can definitely say JB Hi-Fi is my retail pick.

  • PS3: Uncharted 2
    360: Mass Effect 2
    Wii: Galaxy 2
    Retailer: Steam/JB

    While I did enjoy RDR, am I the only one who thought that GTAIV was superior? Or that it wasn’t as compelling as it was made out to be?

  • I think as a stand alone experience RDR was better than mass effect 2, but because of mass effect 1 i probably spent about 3x as long playing mass effect 2

  • My personal list:

    Multiplatform: NieR
    Xbox360: Alan Wake
    Wii: Monster Hunter Tri
    PSP: — (Been playing MH2, which is not a game from this year)
    DS: Professor Layton and Unwound Future
    Online: Minecraft
    Retailer: MightyApe

  • What is the point of this?? Really? The voting is rigged!
    Goldeneye has already won, it is already bundled with the golden controller ffs!

  • 360: Assassins Creed 2 – It was brilliant, and ME2 was just a game with no soul for me…technically brilliant, but lacked something the original had.

    PS3: God of War III – mainly because I actually finished it, while I got bored with Uncharted 2 and no compulsion to finish it…was a letdown since so many people were saying how fantastic it was.

    Online: Deathspank – Fantastic game, great fun.

    Retailer: EB, mainly because I love my local EB and the guys who run it…actually feel like a valued customer there.

  • October 09 – October 10? Lack of Dragon Age: Origins is a major fail.

    If we were doing this as best of 2010 to date, I would have Darksiders and FF13 in the contenders for consoles, for sure.

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