Gamer Demonstration Planned For First Amendment Rights

Gamer Demonstration Planned For First Amendment Rights

On November 2, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments for Schwarzenegger v Entertainment Merchants Association and Entertainment Software Association. This is a landmark case for gaming and the court, and gamers can stand up for what the believe in.

The Entertainment Consumers Association is planning a demonstration that will be held on November 2 before the hearings get underway.

“This will be a historic day for gamers and the video game industry as a whole, and we greatly appreciate everyone who has taken action on this pivotal issue,” said Jennifer Mercurio, Vice President and General Counsel for the ECA said in an official statement. “Video games, like any other form of entertainment, should be protected under our First Amendment, and now is the time to stand up and let our collective voices be heard.”

The ECA is a non-profit group that represents the interests of gamers in the US and Canada.

As noted by Entertainment Software Association president Mike Gallagher in a Kotaku guest editorial, the case seeks to restrict minors from buying and renting games that the state has deemed having “unacceptable violence”. The case is ultimately about more than what games minors can and cannot buy. It’s about the First Amendment. As Gallagher explains, this case could impact other types of entertainment and art.

“Books, movies, music, even general news reporting could be next on the censorship list,” he writes. “They all contain violence. How can you restrict one media and not another?”

The rally will begin at 9am EST on November 2 at the United States Supreme Court building, which is located on 1 First Street, NE, Washington D.C. Those interested in participating in the gamer rally may RSVP here.

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