GameStop Accepting IPods For Trade-In?

You may not think iPods are true gaming machines, but retail giant GameStop certainly does, as it'll soon be accepting Apple's handheld devices for trade-in.

From ancient iPod Shuffles to the more contemporary iPod Touch, if you've got an outdated iPod lying around the house that you can't offload onto a partner or sibling, you could always take it into GameStop and put the money towards a game or console.

There aren't any prices in the system yet, nor could we get an idea of the extent of the range available for trade-in (as in, we don't know if you can trade in a 2001 original), or even an iPhone).

The fact you can trade these devices in is strange enough, but GameStop doesn't usually accept trade-ins on things it doesn't also sell new. Could the world's largest specialist games retailer soon be selling iPod Touches on the shelf next to a DS or PSP?


    Well, EB Games Australia has iPods listed for sale on its website...

    Just went to EB here in oz apparently an 8GB ipod touch is worth $100.

      If you trade yours in, i mean.

    EB Games down here have been doing this for a while

    I have trouble imagining...

    a) Someone actually wanting a SECOND-HAND iPod
    b) Anyone thinking EB Games is a good place to get one

    If you're the kind of person who would use your iPod/Phone for gaming, odds are you already have one or more of these devices already.

    I wonder how many devices EB is selling versus how many they're trading in. I can't imagine those numbers work in their favour, unless they have some buy-back scheme in place with Apple.

      Yeah, I'd love to see EB trying to sell pre-owned iPods at 10 bucks less than retail...

        You would be AMAZED how many people buy second hand consoles at a similar margin...

    they most probably sell them off in asia, happens with alot of consoles and games that are traded in in australia.

    EB near me has been doin ipods for at least 2 months now

    I've seen the ads too but never actually seen anyone trade an iPod in. It is just a failed experiment? I've never seen someone buy either, their margins are laughably huge (25% of its retail price, and resale for very nearly full RRP)

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