GameStop Robber Shot Dead By Police

Police in Orlando have shot and killed a man who was attempting to evade arrest after holding up a GameStop store.

The unnamed suspect robbed the store on South Kirkman Road with a gun earlier today, before attempting to escape in his car. Police gave chase and eventually caught up with the man, who after resisting arrest was shot six times. He died shortly after arriving at a local hospital.

There's debate over the manner in which the man was killed. A police statement released in relation to the death says "Our job is to stop violent criminals. If you've got a gun and put us in the situation of serious injury or death, that's why we carry the things we do, to protect ourselves and any citizens for the next robbery they may commit".

Which is all well and good, but witnesses say the man was shot six times in the back, and was fired upon while running away from police.

What is it with GameStop stores this month?

OPD Officer Shoots, Kills Robbery Suspect [WKMG Orlando]

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    He went to steal a copy of battletoads but there were none in stock.

    Man the media (yes i'm looking at you Kotaku) love criticising police... has anyone considered the fact that while the man was shooting at police he was standing on his side, or fired and turned - thus explaining the bullets in his back? Just because a man has turned his back after shooting at someone doesnt mean he's "less dangerous" all of a sudden. God the media (yes, YOU Kotaku) are stupid.

      @TheRev People who don't read properly or worship cops and think they could do no wrong are stupid.
      You must be a cop or have a daddy as a cop eh.

    Its what the witnesses said not kotaku did you even read the whole thing

    Really, 6 times in the back? Couldn't they just shot him in the legs? I'm pretty sure that would be enough to stop a criminal from fleeing.

      Police shouldn't be using their guns for any purpose other than to kill, and are trained to always shoot to kill rather than to maim. Shooting to maim to stop someone from running away means the cops shouldn't be shooting in the first place. Besides, there are plenty of blood vessels in your legs, there's a pretty good chance a bullet to the thigh will be lethal.

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