Gears Of War 3 Getting Multiplayer Beta Next Year

Gears of War 3 is getting a public beta early next year, Epic Games revealed at an event this week at their studio.

This will be the first time a Gears of War game is getting a beta. Epic Games' Rod Fergusson told the gathered press that the team has always wanted to do a public beta, but only if they could later use that feedback to improve the title.

Now that Gears of War 3's launch has been pushed back from April to late 2011, the team thinks they will be able to to do just that.

No word yet on when next year the multiplayer beta will be hitting.


    Nice... definetly a Beta I'm gonna get into. and is that dude in the middle wearing a football helmet?

    haha dude thats cole in his thrashball uniform/helmet. apparently you can unlock customizable stuff for characters and weapons :D

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