Gears Of War Composer On Life Support

On October 6, Gears of War composer Kevin Riepl tweeted that he thought someone "roofied" him while out drinking. He'd blacked out. "Somethings effed up," he added. "Like literally. Something knocked me out." Within days, Riepl was on live support.

By the following day, Riepl was in the hospital from where he uploaded this photo. The game composer tweeted that all his tests came back normal, but was having an MRI to check if there were any issues with his heart.

Riepl is best known for his work scoring Unreal Tournament games, the first Gears of War and the upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines.

On October 10, Riepl's wife Tracy tweeted (via his account) that he was on life support and needed blood transfusions. As of several hours ago, Tracy tweeted that her husband was "still sedated while on life support but was more responsive to family in the room". Riepl has young children.

"Lastly, I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your positive vibes, thoughts and prayers," Tracy added.

Riepl is scheduled to go into surgery tomorrow night. Here's hoping it is a success.

kevinrieplmusic (kevinrieplmusic) on Twitter [Twitter Thanks, Ralph!][Pic]


    Get better soon!

    What happened to him?

    Good luck, Mr. Riepl :(

    I had the same thing happen to me only a few months ago, luckily it wasn't as serious and I came out of it fine but it is a pretty scary thing to have happen to you, especially if you are out and your friends think you have gone home.

    I don't understand why people do this, it is stupid, it's pointless and it is dangerous.

    "needed blood transfusions"

    HAHAHAHAHA i wunder if he got bl0od from teh locusts! HAHAHAHA i'm so funneh!

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