Get Chills With Left 4 Dead's 'The Sacrifice' Cinematic Trailer

Next week, downloadable add-on "The Sacrifice" comes to Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2, giving the original Survivors, Zoey, Francis, Bill and Louis, a chance to beat up on Spitters, Chargers and Jockeys with melee weapons.

To set the mood, Valve has released a heart-pounding cinematic trailer for The Sacrifice, filed with thrills, chills and Bill's molotov cocktail attack on a trio of Tanks. Let's hope it never comes to that as we follow the original quartet of Survivors on their journey down south.

Xbox 360 owners will be charged for The Sacrifice, while PC and Mac players will get the add-on content free of charge.


    Wait... was that... was that blood? Oh god, bleeding zombies in Australia! Close the borders, cut the cables. THINK OF THE CHILDREN! (then have your mate in the UK gift you a copy)

      or ask valve to remove the ip block and set your current country to the uk like i did :P

    Dude that was sick...

    Valve needs to get into the film business...

    Wonder what happens with censoring in this, I bought a NZ version of L4D2.

    But I don't want to kill off one of the originals Valve :(

    I hate trains.

    cough i have l4d2 and l4d1 i think ill play the gore version l4d1.

    looks epic, also bill :(

    Does that mean us L4D(1) people get swords?

    Oh... my... GOD!

    That was AWESOME!


    Oh Bill... if only my grandpa was a badass like you...
    .. Bill :(

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