Get 'Derezzed' With Daft Punk's Tron: Legacy Music

Robotic French duo Daft Punk will be spinning the deadly discs of Tron: Legacy's digital soundtrack. They'll also be making a cameo in Disney's sequel to the original Tron. Get a sneak peek at both right now.


    I care about this film more than my own well-being.

      I too care more about this than your well being.

    Hell, yea i'm just gonna rave at the premier for the movie, gonna take some googs and pacifiers.

      "Soooooooo why have you sticky-taped glowsticks all over your body?"

      "Cause I'm IN THE COMPUTER!"


    I'm more excited about the fact that Daft Punk are scoring this than I am about the movie.

    What the shit is with those chicks sticking the "laser-force" gear on him? Last time I checked Tron characters glowed because they were computer programs and not just trying to be techno-pop fashion junkies.

    I have been mega excited for this movie all year and this trailer has actually moved it a peg down for me, well, except that that music is seriously bangin'.

    Most banging track ever =]

    DAFT PUNK!!!

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