Get In The (R/C) Warthog!

Kotaku reader Dan S. noticed that the MacFarlane Toys' Halo: Reach Warthog perfectly matched the chassis of one of his remote-controlled vehicles. "The wheels started turning in my head," Dan says, "pardon the pun."

"So I acquired said Warthog toy and promptly Frankensteined the two items together," he told Kotaku, "added some hi-intensity LEDs and came up with what I think is the world's first 35 mph (56km/h) R/C warthog."

The speed is the key distinguisher. Other R/C Warthogs have been made before. Thanks Dan!


    I want one. I never got into R/C cars but I'd like to.



        :D going to US soon so looks like im getting one

    That is sick. I'd be the coolest guy in the neighbourhood if I had one!

    Amazing! I'd have one, 3 would be better, Normal green and one red and one blue.


    Dan needs to add a button so it can right itself if it flips over.

    Dan needs to make the gattling gun on the back fire ammo, infinite ammo.

    Is it turning with all 4 wheels like in the game?

    Dan needs to tell us which Chassis that is :)

    Utterly cool!

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