Get Up Close With Halo: Reach's Fancy Action Figures

Square Enix's Halo Reach figures are larger and more detailed than those offered by rival company McFarlane. Let's see just how detailed in these beauty shots of the upcoming toys.

There'll be three figures available in the first run: big man Gorge, Noble Team's leader Carter and ol' chicken arm herself, Kat. They'll be out in January 2011 and should cost around $US50.


    Looks real purty.

    If I didn't already have the statue with nowhere to put it, I'd seriously consider these. :/

    Larger and more detailed, but those proportions are... anime-y in their lankiness.

    I'd probably buy one anyway except I don't actually care that much about the other Spartans in Reach. Game could've had an extra 5 hours of campaign for me to actually get to know/care about them, honestly.

    Not to mention my opinions of them are severely tainted by their awful AI, actively getting in my way during my Legendary Solo playthroughs...

    McFarlane usually makes amazing figures, but their latest Halo efforts look like they've been produced on the cheap.

    These on the other hand look like quality products. The Noble Six figure should just be a skeleton and hundreds of different coloured/shaped helmets and armour pieces!

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