Giant Robots! Male Cheerleaders!

Asian American pop culture mag Giant Robot has been in a bit of financial trouble lately, so its asked some friends to help out. And who has answered the call? Some male cheerleaders, that's who.

Meat Bun's newest shirt, Osu! Giant Robot, channels the spirit of 2005's amazing Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan, a DS game where you lead a team of Japanese cheerleaders on a quest to brighten up a whole bunch of people's days. And then save the world.

All profits from the sale of the shirt go towards helping the mag out. So not only are you buying yourself a great shirt based on an even better game, but you're supporting a magazine that covers art, movies, cartoons, toys, comics and, yes, video games. You guys like that stuff, right?

Osu! Giant Robot [Meat Bun]


    Why the HELL didn't they make a third Ouendan game, or one for the Wii? (Don't talk to me about Elite Beat Agents, the concept just doesn't feel right in English.)

      Yeah, the EBA concept in English may not feel quite right, but it's still lots of fun, and I'd like to see more western songs, so I still wish for a second EBA. A third Ouendan would be epic, also.
      For now, I play the PC-based Osu!, but it's just not right with a mouse and user-created beatmaps...

    This shirt is kind of cool, but will never save the magazine, sadly. It'll give the mag a money shot but what about a month down the road? Two? It'll still have the same subscriber base.

    Imo: Run a couple of these promotions and file for Chapter II. Use the money and convert straight to web-based news with some paid content, online advertising and maybe a gift store with cool stuff like this.

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