Go Grab Bejeweled 2 Today; It's Free

Today is Binary Day, being that it's 10/10/10 - and that goes for both here and Europe. And to continue its 10-month celebration of the 10th anniversary of Bejeweled, PopCap has an offer that is free to you today.

Run go get Bejeweled 2, PC or Mac, for free from PopCap's store. Just plug in your info, get the full unlock code and then download the trial.

Gotta say, it was considerate of PopCap to do this on a Sunday, rather than a day when we're all at work.

Bejeweled 2 [PopCap. Thanks LeadFarmer and others!]


    I don't suppose there's any crazy way you can snag this through Steam for free, is there? Where's that damn gift horse I'm supposed to be looking at?

      It's free on Facebook, the App integrates with the Facebook one as well.

    Just downloaded it. Thanks!

    Picked it up an hour ago. Thank you, Popcap, for your awesome-ness.

    Picked it up for both me and my partner, as she loves puzzle games :)

    Must have finished :(

    I don't see anywhere to "plug in" in any info...

    Yeah where do you put in your info to get the full version for free?

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