God Of War Is Not God Of Manga

This month, PSP title God of War: Ghost of Sparta is finally going on sale in Japan. Western players might be familiar with the franchise's story, but that's not the case for Japan. You know this game needs?

It needs a manga that explains God of War. At Japanese bookstores, there are guides that give the skinny on all kinds of stuff using a manga format. Some of those guides have even been been translated into English (see below).

Tatsuya Egawa is drawing the God of War manga guide. Designed to bring novice players up to speed, the manga is a limited time offer for those who purchase the game.

The first panel Sony made public doesn't look very promising. Perhaps the rest of the manga is better?


    Kratos is a conehead? :/

      I wish i was able to read a manga to learn about physics during school. Only in Japan.

    Interesting, but why Egawa? Not the artist I would have chosen for an Adaptation of God of War.

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