Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition Coming Soon

Latecomers to Rockstar Games' bombastic crime epic Grand Theft Auto IV will be able to enjoy the stories of Niko Bellic, Johnny Klebitz and Luis Lopez on the cheap later this month with the game's "Complete Edition."

Or so says, which lists a new version of Grand Theft Auto IV for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, one which contains the original game and its two expansions, The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony. Not a bad deal at $US39.99 USD, if you've waited this long.

Amazon lists Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete with a ship date of October 26. We're checking in with Rockstar to see if that's accurate.

Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete [Amazon via NeoGAF]


    Is there anybody who doesn't own this game yet (4 years later)?

      I guess people who jumped into the 360/PS3 later on (e.g. with the slim launches) might not have caught up with it yet.

      Personally, I was sick of GTAIV by the time I finished the main story. Never put the disc back in even once after it ended, and wasn't remotely tempted by the DLC either.

      People who don't care or enjoy the series?

      I returned it within 2 days... it was crap*

      *The opinions expressed by james-mac are solely his, and Kotaku AU accepts no responsibilty for them.*

        I agree on the GTA4 been crap sentiment, the story was rendered completely redundant when Niko whined in cutscenes about wanting to change his wicked ways and such and then the player goes back to the gameplay and murders 17 people on the way to their next mission with no consequences. I wish they had of just kept the less serious tone of the earlier games...

          This is why saints row 1 and 2 exists :D

            Yep... Saints 2 was, and still is, awesome.

            Man the difficulty jump on that Ultor HQ is a bugger though.

    I probably would have enjoyed it slightly if I had gotten it for the console instead of the PC. It was terribly ported, with frame rates crashing and burning despite being able to play much prettier games fine.

    Still, not really enough to buy it all again even with the expansions.

    I'll pick this up, in Australia it'll eventually hit around 50 bucks. I've never played anything GTAIV before; it's always tempted me though.

    I bought it at launch (half-based on the hype) but was disappointed - not a bad game, but didn't bring anything new to the table.

    Anyways, I liked the look of the DLC but thought $60 was a bit much for a disc with both episodes when the original game was selling for $40 - maybe I'll pick them up now. Maybe.

    I never ended up buying the original, always seemed a little pricy for an old game. When this is on sale from the UK I reckon it would be worth the cheap import

    It's one of those game I was meaning to get around to playing/buying but never did.

    So a complete edition might just be worth it.

    ...I just bought this two months ago!!! >.<

      (This being the original GTA IV game.)

    I loved GTA4, Saints Row games are so bad. The driving for the cars is the worst i've seen in any game. There's been better car handling in PS1 games.

      The first SR maybe. At least in Saints Row 2 you can SWIM, BASE JUMP and the whole lot is FUNNIER.

      GTA IV? Good, but not amazing, and VERY bleak with strong accents all over the place.
      (Little Jacob, subtitled or not, is VERY hard to follow.)

    I for one enjoyed the stories, the lost and damned was a trial to get through but gay tony was fun and over the top like previous GTA's. The original had me hooked in as well. This is one of the games that I feel there should be a new award added to Oscars for game story lines, it may not have one but it shows that a lengthy well thought out story has its place within this genre.

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