Guitar Hero Scores A Sweet Transvestite

A trio of Rocky Horror Picture Show tracks are coming to Guitar Hero later this month, giving us an excellent opportunity to post a picture of Tim Curry in lingerie.

Not that we need an excuse to post a picture of Tim Curry.

Three songs from the cult-classic film will be making their Guitar Hero debut on October 26, just in time for Halloween. Fans will enjoy doing the "Time Warp" for the 100,000th time; might actually launder their sweaty costumes for "Sweet Transvestite"; and "Hot Patootie" will have them shouting "Sex, drugs, and rock n' roll!" all night long.

I've seen this movie far too many times. Just writing about it makes me queasy.

But hey, Tim Curry in lingerie!


    What has been seen cannot be unseen...

    Presumably only for GH5...?

    Picked up World Tour solely for the guitar and there's a bit of DLC but not much...

    Wow, really? Hot Patootie I can understand (it's Meat Loaf after all) but I wouldn't have expected Sweet Transvestite to be Guitar Hero material.

    Then again, I'm hardly complaining. It's an AWESOME song. Just a pity they can't include a Frank N Furter avatar for the singer.

    So sad, why couldn't this have come onto RB instead?
    Stupid guitar hero and it's minimal amount of awesome songs that i can't get on RB.

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