Halfbrick's Age Of Zombies Is Now On Sale

Halfbrick - they're a national treasure. Like AC/DC or Dame Edna. You have to buy their games, or you're un-Australian. I took the Aussie citizenship test a couple of weeks ago, and I'm pretty sure there was a Fruit Ninja question in there.

Halfbrick have just released their latest game, Age of Zombies, onto the app store, and we reckon it's worth a bash. Like the bastard child of Smash TV and Zombies At My Neighbours, Age of Zombies is great fun and is yet another game to narrowly avoid my 'I'm bloody sick of zombies' blacklist.

Check out the video preview below.


    So awesome. Even though I bought it off the PSN, I just had to buy it again for my iPod. I loved the Monster Dash references they chucked in as well!

    Since when is not owning an Apple product un-Australian?

    I'd support Australian devs, but not Apple.

      Nothing in the world is unaustralian, he was joking.
      The game is developed by australians, it is an australian product, meaning that there are far better alternatives elsewhere.

      Australians are terrible at everything. We suck.

        Well, we certainly suck at commenting judging by your example. Australian game devs may lack the dollars to make AAA titles, but we're doing very well in the mobile and casual games market - Puzzle Quest, Fruit Ninja, Flight Control etc.


        what a terrible attitude...

        you know WHY Americans can do anything? because they think they can.

    AC/DC are a national treasure? Time to emmigrate.

      Go then! Bye bye!

      Time to learn english.

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