Halo Creators Tease MMO As Their Next Big Thing

Speaking at Game Developers Conference Online 2010, creative director James Staten hinted that Bungie's next project could feature "a world that was always there for you". Does Bungie have a shooter MMO up its sleeve?

Kotaku contributing columnist and Gamasutra news editor Leigh Alexander was in the audience this morning as Bungie's creative director Joseph Staten delivered a keynote titled, "Writing the Whirlwind: 10 Years on the Frontlines Of HALO Storytelling and Beyond" at GDC Online in Austin, Texas. Towards the end of the talk Staten took questions, one of which regarded the new project Bungie is working on now that it's done with Halo.

His only response, according to Leigh Alexander's Twitter: "Wouldn't it be great if we could make a world that was always there for you? Wow. That would be great."

The comment supports rumblings we've heard around Kotaku Tower that Bungie's next game could be a shooter MMO.

So what do you folks think? Would you play a game like Planetside developed by a company with Bungie's shooter pedigree?

Check out the link below for Gamasutra's full article on the rest of Staten's keynote.

GDC Online: Bungie's Staten On Building Worlds, Not Words [Gamasutra]


    New Bungie IP has me very excited, but MMO... if it's free to play, I guess it won't be so bad.

    Sure seems likely, given everything we've heard so far (why else would they do a deal with Activision/Blizzard), though.

    Bungie can do shooters well but I don't know if I like the idea of them tackling an MMO. I mean what's the failure rate of MMO's at the moment? Seems to be about 2/3 don't last more than a year, and yet there are still lots more of them being made. I think this is a market that is saturated, so I personally would like to see something different, or at least an MMO that is vastly different to any other.

      "I think this is a market that is saturated"
      And shooters are not?

      Bungie changed the shooter genre, and I suspect they'll try and do it again.

    Bungie has made games that are not shooters, I wouldn't be jumping to conclusions here. Oni and Myth were great games.

    Good for them, moving into the MMO space. It worked for RealTIme Worlds;)

    I really hope not. Though the Halo games were loved because of their expansive multiplayer, their fleshed universes and fiction have also been incredible. Halo, the Marathon Trilogy, Myth, Oni...

    I mean how many games have the antagonist "evil alien empire" expanded and explained in detail? Most games rely n "they are demons" or "thy are bugs."

    Bungie and Blizzard releasing a new MMO Ip togather under the umbrella of Activision.....I called it

      Bungie and Blizzard together would be a force to be reckoned with. The game's only weakness would be the incredible heights of expectation if the 2 were to work together on a game. If it wasn't the greatest game ever made people would be disappointed and hate it.

    haven't people realized yet? mmo shooters don't work. one player with a bad connection and BAM!!! lagiest thing on earth, which just doesn't work with shooters.

    if they were to take the road of mmo, i think they should muck around with a free mmo first, just to see if it would work before putting too much time and effort in, due the failure rate of new mmo's.

      I also think an MMO isn't a good idea.

      But Nick, I don't seem to remember you ever playing an MMO shooter.

      F2P is a bad idea because that would involve micro transactions. I'd guess you don't like the monthly payment method because you couldn't take it back to EB in a week.

        how would you know anyway? and once i get a job i'll stop beiong so stingy with EB

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