Halo: Major League Gaming

If you happen to be a fan of the Halo series and, more specifically, Halo multiplayer, you might want to check out Major League Gaming, who are hosting one of their major events this weekend in Washington DC.

Major League Gaming is the premier console competitive gaming circuit, and features the best Halo players in the world trying to BR the crap out of each other. Time differences can be a little awkward here in Australia, but all the action is streamed live here, and you can generally catch up on the action with replays during the day. The team have dramatically upped the production values over the last couple of years, making MLG events like these a really compelling watch.

This event is one of the last to feature Halo 3 as the main competitive title, as MLG will naturally move onto Halo: Reach next season, but it's still worth watching just to see the incredible amount of skill and teamwork involved in playing top tier Halo. Major League Gaming [MLG]


    I was hoping you would find a way to put this on Kotaku. Awesome.

    Definitely see an Instinct vs. Final Boss final. It's a bold call, I know. Final Boss wins though.

      I've got a gut feeling that it's about time for Triggers Down to win again

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