Halo: Reach Gets Campaign Matchmaking Oct. 19

Campaign matchmaking playlists will come to Halo: Reach on Oct. 19, and the game's rank cap should get raised sometime in the month or so, Bungie said yesterday in its weekly update.

Noting that playlist updates are typically on a monthly schedule, Bungie's been doing mid-month updates as well and says the next mid-month edition will feature the campaign matchmaking playlist. Also, "It's our hope to roll out a dedicated Infection and Snipers playlist amidst a slew of other changes."

Regarding the rank cap, right now, everyone's limited to Lt. Col. Grade C, although credits still accrue beyond that rank. When the cap is raised, it's possible some players will immediately gain more than one rank based on how many credits they've earned.

As to that, Bungie notes that 70 percent of the community is at Warrant Officer grade or below, with WO ranks comprising "a long stretch of gameplay," according to designer Luke Smith. "Once you get to Captain it speeds up again." Smith didn't say exactly when the rank cap would raise, just that it would come "soon." In explaining why it was instituted (largely for security reasons early in the game's release), he indicated that the rank cap raise could be tied to some communal challenge.

Lots of other fun details and nuggets of info at the link.

Bungie Weekly Update: 10/08/10 [Bungie]


    Good, I just really hope they raise the amount of credits you can earn by playing campaign. I find it absurd that (commendations not withstanding) I can earn more credits in a 10 minute firefight match than what I do spending hours upon hours making progress through campaign on legendary.

      Are you making sure to enable Campaign scoring when you're playing through Campaign? Without that, you pretty much get buckleys.

    They're not kidding about the warrant officer grade 3 thing.
    It takes 33,000 cR to go from WO to WOg1, WOg2 and WOg3.
    But it takes 66,000 cR to get from WOg3 to Captain.
    Then, between the Captain ranks it's only 23,000 cR.

    No gap between ranks is as large as the WOg3-Captain gap until much later on, between Commander g3 and Colonel and that's 100,000 cR. For clarificationn, Commander comes straight after Lt. Colonel.

    Why would they make the gap so large?

    I'm just about given up on this game. I love the campaign, but the networking is pathetic.

    Big Team Battle, night after night, with games restarting or freezing. Host migration, game starting... game starting... game starting... host migration, etc. etc. EVERY SINGLE GAME.

    I have a very good connection, all set up properly. But most people don't, and bungie's matchmaking system doesn't accommodate them properly.

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