Halo: Reach Gets First Playlist Update, Campaign Matchmaking Due Soon

Developer Bungie has deployed the first playlist update for Halo: Reach, bringing with it a long, long list of changes and tweaks to multiplayer maps, game types and playlists, with the promise of more updates to come.

The most pressing of those Halo: Reach updates is the soon-to-be-released campaign matchmaking patch, which the Halo developer expects to see hit Xbox Live next week or the week after. Today's changes are substantial, especially to those who might play Halo: Reach (or Halo 3) multiplayer very seriously.

Might be worth reading the official changelog before firing up Reach tonight, lest that 50% player speed reduction on Rocket Race take you by surprise.

Oh yeah, Bungie says "Fountain of Mongeese should no longer be possible (don't ask)." Now I gotta ask.

Halo: Reach October Playlist Update [Bungie.net]


    I want the patch that'll mean my launch model 360 won't keep freezing when I try to play the game for more than 7 seconds :(

    No, I'd say your launch 360 is about to red-ring...

    BTW, what is a 'playlist' update? Is it a patch, or just a live thing. Will it affect the single player/LAN experience? I still can't get decent enough internet to play on LIVE out here.

      This update just concerns the online multiplayer playlists, meaning it's a Live thing. They've tweaked just about every matchmaking playlist, added a new one and some more gametypes to rotation, and they've tweaked some maps to reduce grief (ie: taking the tanks off Hemorrhage; soft kill zone in the space area of Zealot to stop camping).

      A playlist update is an update to the online matchmaking gametypes and map variants (i.e. no change to the actual game). This won't effect offline players at all.

      Hi 360 is still fine and red-ring free. The freezing is an issue that 360's from the first year of production are having. I took my inability to finish Reach as an opportunity to finish the second half of Mafia. My 360 still works, just not with Reach :P


    I want a patch that will fix the constant disconnects after 15 or 20 minutes whenever playing online. At first I thought it was just me but a quick search of the net and a lot of users are being affected, but only when playing Reach.

      Turn of the 'DOS Protect' setting in your router/modem configuration settings. I had the same problem (again, only while playing Reach), but disabling this feature fixed it completely.

    Unfortunately it doesn't look like they fixed infection. I find that it is generally extremely difficult for the zombies to kill any competent players in infection and instead must just wait for them run out of ammo. Even trying to attack all at once doesn't work if there is more than 1 survivor that have holed up in a good position.

    Not to mention the midship remake (zealot?) with the low gravity outside area. I have seen, and admittedly done myself, people simply camp up there and snipe zombies as they come flying out of the grav lifts before they get anywhere near the survivors.

      I've quite enjoyed the find a hiding place and camp dynamic that infection has in Reach, especially that spot in the space section in Zealot. The ammo never lasts long.

      I have a memorable moment, when last man standing, when all the zombies rushed into the lift to get me and I saw a blossoming swarm of Spartans sailing gently towards me, energy swords glowing. I managed to snipe a bunch before my pistol ran out of ammo.

    I want to know what a fountain of mongeese is.

      Fountain of Mongeese refers to when a couple of mongeese (or more) collide, and end up leaning against each other with two wheels from each car in the air touching.

      They half removed that by making the cars just take damage and bounce in highspeed colisions, but it still happens every now and then.

      The most I've seen was 4, although that was done intentionally.

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