Halo: Reach Rank Cap Should Be Lifted In November

The latest update from the minds behind Halo: Reach says the game's rank cap, currently limited to Lieutenant Colonel Grade C, will be lifted once the game's community completes 117 million daily and weekly challenges.

That is quite a lot, but then, quite a lot of people play Halo: Reach, and so Bungie expects that goal to be met sometime in November. They're going to put a thermometer on the Bungie.net homepage and inch it up as the community gets closer. Once they bust the cap, new ranks and armour are available to all, provided they have the requisite experience.

If you're currently at Lt. Col. Grade C, don't worry, all that experience you're earning will transition once the cap unlocks, meaning you could zoom ahead more than one rank when it does.

Loads more details for the Halo: Reach-minded at the link.

Bungie Weekly Update: 10/15/10 [Bungie]


    Oh great! I can get eviscerated by even higher ranking players. Some thing to look forward to. I can brag and record myself being beaten by the even higher ranked players.

      The way I see it - the higher they are the less likely the rest of us will ever see them.

      It's not like t players will instantly become better once the level cap is raised...

      One thing I've learned playing Halo online is that players of high ranks don't always equate to better players. They've just played a lot. Of course, that probably means that they are generally better than players of a lower rank, but just because someone is a much higher rank than you, doesn't always mean they will decimate you.

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