Here's Exclusive Artwork For The Upcoming Mass Effect Comic Book

In January, Dark Horse Comics will release Mass Effect: Evolution, a miniseries penned by Mass Effect 2 head writer Mac Walters. Check out some of the series' covers and a brand new Mass Effect web comic.

These covers are from the second issue in the miniseries - here are the publication details:

Mass Effect: Evolution #2 of #4 Writers: Mac Walters, John Jackson Miller Artist: Omar Francia Colorist: Michael Atiyeh Covers: Massimo Carnevale, Joe Quinones On sale: February 16, 2011 Price: $US3.50

Mass Effect 2 Lead Writer Mac Walters reveals humanity's first wondrous and deadly excursion into the Milky Way, shedding light on the most mysterious figure in Mass Effect-The Illusive Man!

Whether born of human curiosity or arrogance, mankind's first steps onto the galactic stage have ignited a war with the alien turians. Although the end of hostilities is in sight, one man's fight is just beginning. It will take him far beyond the realms of human knowledge, into conflict with some of the most notorious villains in Mass Effect-a story exclusive to these comics!

Today Dark Horse has also released a new web-only comic, Mass Effect: Inquisition; this comic was also written by Walters, and you can read it at USA Today.

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    so why does the dude with the jacket look like a character from star wars??? isnt that a different universe??

      I'm guessing that it's the Illusive Man. But that is some suspiciously-familiar force lightning going on.

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