Here's One Japanese Designer Who Doesn't Follow The West

It's trendy now for Japanese games to try to appease Western tastes. El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron does not care about what's in.

"As a Japanese creator, I want to make something that only Japanese people can make. I don't want to follow the European people's way," El Shaddai designer Takeyasu Sawaki tells website Gamasutra.

El Shaddai combines Christian Apocrypha with Sawaki's imagination for a new spin on the Book of Enoch.

Sawaki has worked on titles like Devil May Cry and Okami. Admirable to see a designer stick to his guns — that's probably what is helping El Shaddai stand out from the crowd.

El Shaddai Director 'Doesn't Want To Follow' Western Ways [Gamasutra via Dtoid]


    This looks interesting and sounds like grounds for great new creative IP. You can see the Okami inspired artwork too!

    It's not uncommon for Japanese to use Christian elements in media. Anime and Manga have been for decades. This looks like a fresh take on things.

    A comment in the short Gamasutra article asked if the character has breasts. Some piccies def look like he(?) does. This would be right as "El Shaddai" roughly translates to "the twin breasted one."

    When it comes to Eastern developers trying to please Western audiences, Hideo did an OK job with MGS4...

    After reading that they are using the Gamebryo engine and looking at the screenshots I wonder if there'll be a Wii version?

    It should never have been about "follow the west" or "uniquely japanese" or whatever.

    Shakespeare never said "I wanted to be uniquely english" (yes its a stretch comparing video games to shakespeare.)

    The point I felt was that each game was supposed to showcase the designer's vision. What he wanted the gamer to experience throughout the game, and Japanese games have in recent years lost that vision in favour of making small changes to the same old formula.

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